Asbestos Surveys

At Lamas Thermaclad our highest priority during inspection and sampling is the safety of our surveyors and building occupiers. Any asbestos sampling is carried out to the lowest possible fibre release standards set out by HSG264 which covers the two types of asbestos survey – a) Management or b) Refurbishment or Demolition Survey.

Management survey
Standard survey used to locate Asbestos Containing Materials (as far as is reasonably practicable) which could be damaged or disturbed during normal occupancy.

Refurbishment and demolition survey
Needed before any refurbishment or demolition is carried out. Used to locate all asbestos containing materials (as far as is reasonably practicable) where refurbishment is taking place or in the whole building in the case of demolition.

Lamas Thermaclad offers a fully insured asbestos survey service to assist clients to comply with current statutory health & safety legislation.

We are able to offer a comprehensive asbestos survey service to locate, identify and assess the risk potential of asbestos installation within buildings where you have a duty of care, and assist you in controlling any problems that may arise over time.